Tables: Create an Empty Table

Use this action to define the columns and the column field types for a new, instance-only data table.

Use case

The Tables: Create an empty table action can construct an empty table for the current instance. If a temporary table is needed to process information during an instance, this action can help. For example, an instance that prioritizes the top 3 sales leads may want to save the leads to a table before sending them in an email.

The table only is saved for the specific instance, so information that is needed for future reference should be processed on an existing data table.

How to configure this action

Up to 100 columns are supported when creating an empty table. If over 100 are entered, only the first 100 columns entered will be used to create the table.

Fields for this action

  • Column names

    • Comma separated list of the column names for the new table.
    • 💡   Tip: Column names should not contain line breaks or non-alphanumeric characters, including but not limited to ! % & () * ;
  • Column types

    • Comma separated list of field types for the columns entered in the Column names field
      • If blank, the column field types will default to text

      💡   Tip: See the field types article for more information on field types.

  • Output field name

    • The name of the field in which the result should be saved. The step name is used by default.

What will this output?

The action results in the creation of a temporary table with the name defined in the Output field name field.

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