Tables: Configure columns

This action is in beta and the function or availability may change unexpectedly.

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Update the configuration of columns in a table, such as display name and whether it is required.

How to configure this action

You can change one, or many columns at a time using this action. Keep in mind that the Display Name is applied to any column entered in the Columns field. This means all columns may share the same name if changed at once.

Fields for this action

  • Data table

    • Select a table from a list of all tables available on your team. The list only includes tables you have permission to view.
      • You can also reference a table stored in a field. Change the left hand drop-down to Use table via field then select from any field that is part of the process. Learn more.
      • If necessary, you can enter the Table ID directly. Change the left hand drop-down to Use table by ID then enter the ID manually. Learn more.
  • Columns

    • Input column names as a comma-delimited list in any order. Not all columns for the table need to be included — only the columns for which you will change protections. Enclose the value in quotation marks if it contains special characters such as commas, leading and/or trailing whitespace, and newlines. If the value contains double quotation marks, they must be escaped with quotation marks.
    • Leave blank to apply changes to all columns in the data table.
  • Display Name

    • Enter a new display name. The display name is the name for the field when displayed in forms or tasks. This can be changed at any time. If left blank, the display name will not be changed.
    • If you enter multiple columns in the Columns field configuration, they will all be changed to the same name.
  • Set as Required

    • Select True or False for whether the columns should be marked as required. When a column is required, users are required to fill out the field in a row if it is part of a task or form. A required column cannot have a field be left blank.

What will this output?

This action has no output fields. If the action completes, it will report which columns were updated and include the name of the table.

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