Scheduled Trigger

Starts a Workflow instance at a designated time, and can be scheduled to be reoccurring.

Use case

The Scheduled trigger starts an instance of a Workflow at a predefined date and time. Additionally, the trigger can be set to repeat at set intervals.

Common use cases can include weekly performance feedback requests for HR or analyzing data stored in a table for monthly reporting purposes.

How to configure this trigger

You can add new triggers or configure any existing triggers on a Workflow’s edit screen. Triggers are configured for each Workflow.

  • Note: Once a scheduled trigger is configured, it will run as scheduled whether or not the process it triggers is prepared. For example, if you configure a process to send a company wide email but haven’t finalized the email text, and a scheduled trigger is added and the scheduled date occurs, the process will run inadvertently.

Fields for this trigger

  • Trigger Name

    • Name to label the trigger within the Triggers page
  • Schedule

    • Select a date to run this trigger on. You can set this as recurring in the recurring field.
    • You can set a date and time for the scheduled trigger. To set a time, select 12:00PM at the bottom of the date picker.
  • Recurring

    • Define frequency this trigger should run based on the schedule date.
    • Defaults to Does not repeat, but a scheduled trigger can repeat every hour, day, weekday, week, month, or year

What will this output?

The expected output of this trigger is an instance of the Workflow at the date and time defined in Date/time used for the pattern.

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What happens to scheduled triggers during Daylight Savings Time?

Daylight Savings time will affect the start time of triggers. It is recommended to adjust triggers prior to daylight savings time taking affect if this may interfere with your process.

For example, if a process is set to begin at 5:30AM CST, the start time will change to 4:30AM CST when daylight savings takes place.

Adjusting the date on a scheduled trigger will occasionally trigger an instance

You may accidentally start a single instance from a scheduled trigger if an active scheduled trigger date is adjusted to an earlier date.

For example if a scheduled trigger is set to repeat weekly and was originally set for 1/26/2020 (Sunday), but it is adjusted one day prior to 1/25/2020 (Saturday), an instance will start immediately.

This does not happen when adjusting a scheduled trigger ahead of the current date, for example the scheduled trigger is originally set for 1/26/2020 (Sunday), but it is adjusted one day later, 1/27/2020 (Monday), an instance will not start.

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