Premium actions

Within Catalytic, the vast majority of actions are included in your license. Some actions, called Premium Actions, will incur additional costs based on usage. Premium Actions are services provided by third parties that require Catalytic to bill per use because of the terms or costs.

To get started using Premium Actions, speak with your account manager to determine the parameters of your license, as some teams may have limits for the total number of actions, or include set numbers of users per month.

Premium actions and pricing

Action Pricing
Companies: Look up company info by domain $0.05 / lookup
Contacts Actions
- Look up contact info by email
- Look up contact info by phone
- Look up contact info by Twitter handle
- Validate an email address
$0.05 / lookup
E-signatures: Request document signature $2.00 / signature
Images: Optical character recognition (OCR) $0.02 / document up to 10 pages, then add’l $0.02 / 10 pages
Locations: Parse International Street Address $0.07 / address
Locations: Parse US Street Address $0.01 / address
SMS Text Actions
- Send a form via text
- SMS Text: Send a task via text
- SMS Text: Send a text message
$0.02 / message in US. International rates vary
Task: Outsource Task Variable based on task type
Document Extraction: Invoice Property and Line Item extraction $0.25 / page in source file
Document Extraction Actions
- Extract Passport Info
- Extract Key Value Pairs to a CSV file
- Find tabular data in a file and extract each table to a sheet in an Excel File
- Extract Driver License Card Info
- Extract Identification Card Info
$0.20 / page in source file

Please contact your account manager for questions on most up to date pricing and terms for your team.

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