PowerPoint: Reorder Slides

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Use this action to create a new presentation from a presentation template by reordering and removing slides.

Use case

  • Customize a presentation for a customer meeting by removing slides that aren’t relevant to that customer.
  • Reorder slides in a presentation to put the most important and relevant slides first.
  • Remove all confidential, internal only, or other topical slides from a presentation.

How to configure this action

To use this action, a powerpoint presentation template must created and uploaded. For example, in a new hire process, you could remove and reorder slides from a template based on their department then send them a custom presentation.

Fields for this action

  • Original presentation file

  • New slide order

    • Reorder or remove slides from the output deck.

      • To reorder slides, enter a new slide order as a combination of numbers separated by commas or as ranges separated by a dash, such as 1, 8, 4-6, 8,10-30. A slide can be listed multiple times.
      • To remove a slide, exclude the slide number from the new slide order. For example, a new slide order for a 5 slide presentation of 1, 2, 5 will exclude slides 3 and 4.
  • New file name

    • Input the desired name of the new reordered file. If left blank, the new file will have the same name as the original file. The .pptx extension will be added to this name and does not need to be included.
  • Output field name

    • Name the field that will contain the new presentation. To reference the reordered file in another action, a {{field-name}} is required.

What will this output?

This action will produce a new file field with all updated data. The Output field name can be referenced as: {{output-field-name}} as chosen above.

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