List: Filter items and save to a new list

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Use this action to filter the values in a JSON array and save the values to a new array.

This action is typically part of a process that involves Web API actions or JSON fields. A common application for this action is to filter a JSON array created using the XML: Convert XML to JSON action.

How to configure this action

This action will filter a JSON array entered in the List Field using the Filter Operator and Filter Value. For example, to filter for values that contain apple, set the Filter Operator to contains and the Filter Value to apple.

Fields for this action

  • List Field

    • Enter the array to filter. Enter a valid JSON array or a {{field-reference}} for a field containing a JSON array.
      • An example of valid JSON array format is: [ "apple", "banana", "pear" , "melon" ]
  • Filter Operator

    • Choose an operator for the filter.
      • Operator Description
        = equals
        > greater than
        >= greater than or equal to
        < less than
        <= less than or equal to
        contains checks if the value is in the list
        does not contain checks if the value is not in the list
  • Filter Value

    • The value associated with the filter operator, such as “Customer” or “001”
  • Return Field Name

    • The name of the field where the result is saved

What will this output?

This action will output a new valid JSON array with any results that match the configured filter.

Output fields for this action

  • Return field name

    • This field will output the filtered JSON array, for example, [ "apple", "banana", "pear"]. The field name will be the return field name defined during configuration.

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