Exporting Data Tables

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Data tables are available to download as either an Excel XLSX or CSV file. Data tables store information from each Workflow instance or any data imported into Catalytic. Every Workflow stores all of its data in a master data table.

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Every data table you create or have shared with you is tracked and listed on the data tables screen.

How to export a data table

  1. Open the menu in the top navigation bar, and select Data.
  2. Click a table to export.
  3. Select next to the table name and select Export
  4. Select your desired format, either XLSX or CSV, and select

Any edits you make to a downloaded file will not be reflected in the Catalytic data table automatically; these files are not linked. Edits to exported data can be imported back into Catalytic if necessary, see Importing Data Tables for instructions on importing an updated file.

How Excel cell formatting is inferred during export

Catalytic field types, like integer and choose multiple, are similar to Excel cell Formatting, like currency and date. When you export a data table as an XLSX, Catalytic field types are not converted into equivalent Excel cell formats, and all exported cells in the XLSX are set to “General”.

To work with Excel formatting and Catalytic data, actions like Excel: Insert a data table into an Excel template are able to insert Catalytic data into formatted Excel cells.

Because of how Excel handles inserted data, some Excel formatting and features may not be compatible with this action. See the action article you would like to use for more details.

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