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Catalytic is the easiest path to break through corporate inertia. Using our cloud-based automation platform, you can spark a chain reaction of productivity. Our platform brings together a number of different technology capabilities such as:

  • Forms & surveys
  • Task management
  • Workflow (routing, notifications & reminders)
  • Databases
  • Data manipulation & transformation
  • Document generation
  • System integrations & web API calls
  • Artificial intelligence (machine learning, natural language processing & more)

You do not need to be an expert on all these technologies. Catalytic allows a business user to build an automation with a checklist style approach, and the platform will automatically utilize the correct technology. Check out more at

What resources are available?

At, we have case studies and industry, role, and need specific information.

Solutions by role

From HR to procurement, Catalytic can help you tackle your unique process challenges head-on with automation. Check out Solutions by role for specific information on roles in Finance and accounting, Human resources, IT, Operations, and Procurement and sourcing.

Solutions by industry

Media, manufacturing, healthcare, or staffing, Catalytic integrates seamlessly into your existing systems and helps everyone work smarter. Check out Solutions by industry for specific information on industries like Advertising, Healthcare, Insurance Brokerage, Logistics, Manufacturing, Staffing, and Technology.

What sorts of things should I automate with Catalytic?

Catalytic is best at automating work that is relatively repetitive, occurs with some frequency, and involves multiple steps. Examples of common situations that could (and should) be automated include:

  • Pulling data from multiple files and/or source systems
  • Sending out email requests, notifications, and reminders
  • Entering information into multiple systems
  • Collecting data from people
  • Generating common business documents such as Excel, Word, or PDF based on existing information
  • Excel spreadsheets that have grown too complex and/or are emailed around to maintain status
  • Processes that require a procedure document or flowchart to explain
  • Running a survey and acting upon the results
  • Any sort of request form

The Catalytic platform can be used to solve small problems as well as quite complex problems. We encourage you to start small, perhaps only solving a portion of an overall process, and then iteratively improving on your initial automation.

How do I know if I’ve selected a good process to automate?

If you have some business processes you’re considering automating, our Business Impact Assessment can provide a preliminary business case for automation.

After completing a few questions in the calculator, Catalytic will automatically generate a personalized slide deck with a ballpark ROI calculation.

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